आवृत्ति प्रारंभ करेंmhz
आवृत्ति बंद करोmhz
बिजली उत्पादनwatt
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Keylink Microwave's rf microwave amplifiers
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Our rf(radio frequency) power amplifiers range up but not limited to 6 GHz, with power up to 500W and gain up to 65dB. Products are widely used in jamming, communication, radar and test & measurement field etc. LTCC technology and GaN HEMT are applied for mass products.

Let us know more about Shenzhou11
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The main space mission of Shenzhou11: Provide personnel and space transportation services for the Tiangong2's space laboratory operations in orbit, test space station rendezvous and docking and manned spacecraft returntechnology.

Limiting amplifier
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Keylink's limiting amplifiers use FET device with good consistency and distributed traveling wave amplifying circuit to design. Good amplitude and phase consistency characteristics can beachieved in a wide input dynamic range. It's the key component of the electronic system.

Meet New Glenn, Jeff Bezos's New Rocket
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Jeff Bezos, Amazon CEO, announced a more ambitious plan for space exploration. He announced that, in addition to providing space tourism, Blue Origin will develop a more powerful rocket, which will be used to launch commercial satellite to take human beings to more distant space.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Giving and receiving love is the only guarantee of having a truly Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Wishing you and your family all the best.

China Precision, BeiDou Navigation Satellite System
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

BeiDou Navigation Satellite System(BDS) is a independent operation satellite navigation system autonomously developed by China.BDS is the third mature satellite navigation system afterGPS, GLONASS, GALILEO, and also the supplier identified by International Committee on Global Navigation Satellite Sy

China will launch satellite phone, the signal can cover China's land and the entire South China Sea
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

After the Tiantong1-01 launched successfully, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology began to arrange the satellite phone specific number segment, some companies also launchedthe domestic satellite phone.

EuMW2016, We Are Coming!
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

European Microwave 2016 (EuMW 2016) will be held in ExCel LONDON, UK in 4 ~ 6 Oct 2016. Keylink Microwave is hitting the road to London. We are looking forward to seeing you on Stand 94 C.

KeyLink Microwave at EuMW2016
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

On 11 Aug 2016 – As an experienced designer and manufacturer of RF and Microwave power amplifier, Keylink Microwave has announced that it will exhibit at European Microwave 2016(EuMW 2016) in ExCel LONDON, UK. EuMW 2016 will be held in 4 ~ 6 Oct. 2016.

Keylink Microwave cheers for athletes at Rio 2016 Olympic Games
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Rio 2016 Olympic Games is in full swing, athletes from all countries are fighting to get more honor for their country. In today's morning,Usain Bolt wins 100m gold. With his golden 100m victoryof 9.81s, Usain Bolt completes the first part of his ‘triple-triple’ bid at Rio 2016.