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बिजली उत्पादनwatt
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Keylink Microwave is back to office
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Everyone wants a good beginning in the New Year. Unfortunately, we got off on the wrong foot in 2020. Affected by the new coronavirus, 99% offactories in China were unable to operate normally after the Spring Festival, including us.

Applications of RF power amplifiers for mobile communication
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

RF power amplifier is used as a propagation model to correct the transmitter; Power amplifier is used as a base station transmitter to evaluate the base station antenna feed system; Using the rf amplifier to coordinate the installation of indoor distribution system;

Can't wait to see you at IMS2019
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The 2019 International Microwave Symposium(IMS) will be held in Boston, Massachusetts in 2~7 June 2019. KeyLink Microwave will exhibit our new microwave power amps products in 4 ~ 6 June 2019.

Four key points to promote future radar technology
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

1. GaN front-end components which can improve the power and search capabilities of radar.2. High-speed data converter which can provide higher dynamic range and instantaneous band for radar.3. FAG technology which can enhance the cognitive capability of cognitive radar.

New product of Keylink Microwave heatsink
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

KeyLink's aluminum finned heatsink specially designed to match our RF power amplifier module for heat dissipation. For better cooling effect, the heatsink usually integrates with two cooling fans as a cooling system. You can choose the heatsink with fans or without fans accordingly.

Preview 2 of IMS2020 Our Exhibits
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

RF power amplifier module is the specialty of our company, which operates in the frequency range from 0.5MHz to 18GHz with output power over 200W in certain frequency bands. In the past four years, we have provided more than 1000 products for more than 100 projects of our foreign customers.

Scattering Parameter
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The S parameter, short for

The Hazards of Harmonics
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

As we know, in the production of rf amplifiers, the less harmonics, the better the quality of our rf power amplifier​ products. The hazards of harmonics are as follows:

The Impact of COVID-19 on RF Microwave industry
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The recent global outbreak of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) has a serious impact on businesses worldwide, including the RF/Microwave industry. We saw some of the major events of the RF/Microwave industry being cancelled or rescheduled, such as MWC Barcelona 2020, EDI CON China 2020, RF& Microwave

How to improve the efficiency of RF power amplifier?
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The essence of Doherty's technology is that it uses two transistors of the same kind, and only oneworks at small inputs, at high efficiency. If the input is large, both transistors work at the same time.The basis of this method is that the two transistors should cooperate well. The working state of