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Broadband High Power Amplifier Module 8-12GHz/50Watts
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The model KB80120M47A is a high power amplifier operating between 8000 MHz and 12000 MHz and offering a wide dynamic Range with 50 Watts typical saturated power.The employment of advanced high power devices in manufacturing ensures this module exceptional power performance, long term reliability and

European Microwave Week 2018(EuMW2018), We Are Coming!
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

During 23rd-28th September 2018, European Microwave Week 2018(EuMW2018) will be held in IFEMA FERIA DE MADRID, SPAIN. KeyLink Microwave will display our rf and microwave amplifiers and rf systems . Welcome to join us! We are looking forward to seeing you on booth 211.

KeyLink Back Up Your UAV Jamming Solution
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

With the technology development, the penetration of UAV is becoming an irresistible trend. Except for the convenience it brings to itsusers, it creates huge challenge to the controlling and defending of a certain area.

Keylink Microwave Hopes to See You Again
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

the European Microwave Week(Paris) was successfully concluded. In just three days of exhibition, KeyLink welcomed domestic and foreign industry colleagues to visit and consult. The success of this exhibition is inseparable from everyone’s support and efforts.

Some New Changes 5G Brings to power amplifier
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The 5G wireless revolution is bringing tremendous changes to the RF design, and rf power amplifier for cell phones and radio base stations are no exception. First, the rf amplifier chip in a 5G wireless application is quite different from the microwave amplifier​ chipused in a 4G network.

Conventional Weather Radar
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

With the improvement and development of weather radar exploration technology, weather radar is playing an increasingly importantrole in the field of aviation. Modern weather radar can not only explore weather disasters such as thunderstorms, strong winds and clouds, but also effectivelydetect

Thanks for your support at IBC2019
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

The most influential media, entertainment and technology show – IBC was held in Amsterdam during Sept. 12 to Sept. 17. According toIBC data, IBC attracted more than 55,000 attendees from 150 countries around the world, exhibiting more than 1,700 of the world's keytechnology suppliers and showcasin

The Advantages of GaAs
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

GaAs has some better electronics than Si, allowing GaAs to be used at speeds greater than 250 GHz. If the equivalent GaAs and Si components operatesimultaneously at high frequencies, the GaAs produces less noise. Also because GaAs has a high breakdown pressure, GaAs is better suited to operate

The role of 5G in the microwave industry
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

5G Era is producing a new scene of the interconnection of all things and extending people's imagination about the future digital world. As the next generation of communication infrastructure, the information highway paved by 5G technology will drive the diverse applications. Compared with 4G

The role of GaN front-end components in radar system
अद्यतन : 2022-01-24

Gallium nitride (GaN) is considered to be the most influential semiconductor innovation since silicon, which can operate at much higher voltages thantraditional semiconductor materials. Higher voltages mean higher efficiency, 50 GaN-based RF power amplifiers and attenuators have lower power